Japan Real Sex Doll, our Online Shop for Premium Japanese Sex Dolls

We are proud to announce the launch of Japanese Real Sex Doll, a website dedicated to luxury real love doll from Japan.

Manufactured By The Top Japanese Sex Doll Company

These dolls are manufactured by Orient Industry, the top manufacturer of Japanese premium love dolls, located in Japan. Orient Industry was among the first manufacturer of love dolls when it started in 1977. It has established itself by creating the first all-silicone dolls and by settings new standards in terms of quality and aesthetics. All of this takes place in Japan, a country where sex dolls are ubiquitous and where there is a very high degree of expertise for these products.

A Premium Product For Demanding Buyers

The most expensive dolls cost up to 9,900 USD. This exceptional price is matched by the exceptional quality of the doll. Each of these dolls is a real work of art, produced in Japan by the best manufacturer in the industry. Contrary to other dolls, these one have their skin made out of a premium silicone. The result is really amazing. It feels as smooth and realistic as the skin of a real woman. Visually, these dolls are almost flawless. Each part of their body has been carefully designed and manufactured to be perfect.

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