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Revamped Sex Doll Website

New Look Sex Doll Website

We improved the look of the whole website. We hope the new website will give our customers a better experience and will make it easier for them to browse and choose their favorite sex doll.

Header and menu

A subtle but nice and classy background image is displayed everywhere on the website, making it more beautiful and a bit erotic. We also put our content into nice white boxes for better readability.
The header has been cleaned up. Before it was a bit too crowed, but now we changed that by removing some items and giving a bit of breathing room. The main menu now stands on its own line and takes the full width of the page. We also created a nice styling for the menu to make it more appealing and to make the site navigation easier. We also reorganized the main menu by grouping together relevant items and removing the clutter. In particular, mini sex dolls now have their own menu item, as well as heating sex dolls. We hope this will help you to browse our website more easily.


New Logo

The old logo was quite basic and uninspiring, so we decided to hire an excellent designer for our logo, in order to give an image more in tune with sex dolls in general. We are really happy of the result. With its nice font, nice color and sexy girl, the new logo is sexy and elegant.

new logo

Responsive for Mobile and Tablets

If you have a tablet or a mobile phone, before navigation on our website was a bit troublesome. But we changed that by making our header more responsive. The most notable change is the main menu, which becomes stacked on mobile and tablet. We still have some improvements to make for the rest of the website about responsiveness though.


New Listing Table

Another thing you may have noticed is that we P.I.M.P.E.D the table listing our sex dolls. Previously, this table was a bit ugly, but now it has a nice styling, and comes with very handy sorting and searching features. When browsing before purchasing a sex doll, if you want to sort our dolls by height for example, you just need to click on the “height” header and it will sort the table by doll’s height. If you want to search for a keyword, you can also use the search function. We hope these functionalities will help you to compare our products more easily and to find the doll that you want the most.

new sex doll comparison table

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