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How To Explore & Buy Our Sex Dolls?

  • 2 ways to explore our dolls: “All Sex Dolls” – head and body already chosen, and “Build Your Sex Doll” – head & body can be combined freely
  • In both cases doll appearance is 100% customizable: skin color, eyes color, and more…
  • Secure checkout process with clear steps, multiples payment options including credit card payments

So you are looking to buy a sex doll? Great! Here is a guide which will help you find the doll of your dreams, show you how to customize her to fit your specific preferences and purchase it. We offer more than 30 realistic dolls, with height ranging from 2ft 1.6in (65cm) to 5ft 5in (165cm). Prices range from 790 USD to 2690 USD. The price depends on the material and size of the doll. Generally speaking, taller dolls are more expensive than smaller dolls, and silicone dolls are more expensive than TPE dolls. We offer two alternative ways of buying a doll. The first one allows you to pick a doll with already chosen body and head (“All Sex Dolls” menu item). The other one allows you to choose any combination of head and body to create a 100% unique doll (“Build Your Sex Doll” menu item). In both cases you will be able to further customize the doll appearance (skin color, etc..).


All Sex Dolls

In the main menu, you see a button which says “All Sex Dolls”. If you hover over it with your mouse, you find three different categories. “By Height”, “By Price” and “By Material”. Let’s start with height. If you click on any of the heights shown, it will redirect you to a page showing all dolls of that height. Let’s choose height 4ft 7in (140cm). We will now be redirected to a page that will show us what is available.




We now see several results. Let’s click on one of the dolls and see what happens. We’ll click on Vanessa.




We are now visiting Vanessa’s page. From here, you are able to purchase this doll. You will find lots of useful information about this specific doll.




Scroll down a little bit. If you click on the tab that says “Specifications”, you will find all the measurements of this doll. Including the weight, sexual holes available and which material is used for creating this doll.




You can also click on her pictures to see a larger size of them. This is a great way to find details on your doll. You want to see what your doll will look like, of course.




Going back to the menu. You can also click on “All” and find all dolls listed in height order, starting with the smallest ones.




You can also search for dolls by price. In the same menu “All Sex Dolls”, you will find the price ranges in which all dolls can be found.




Lets click on “2000 to 2999 USD” under “By Price” and see what we will find.




Wow, that was a lot of dolls. Scroll down and find the one you like the most. But for now, lets click on “Fuck Doll Ashley”.




This is Ashley’s page. Very similar to Vanessa’s. If you scroll all the way down, you will find reviews. These are written by other customers who have bought this specific doll already.




In the menu, if you click on “All”, you will find all dolls listed by price. Starting with the most expensive ones.




It will look like this.




What we have left under “All Sex Dolls” is “By Material”. Click on either “TPE” or “Silicone” to find all dolls made from the selected material. We will click on “TPE” and see what happens.




Here are all the dolls we sell, which are made out of TPE material. There is quite a lot of them. If you click on any of them, then you will be redirected to their respective pages. Just like we have been through before.



Build Your Sex Doll

Now that we have gone through all the pre-made dolls. Lets have a look at the next button in the menu which is “Build Your Sex Doll”.




Here you will find lots of different bodies. Each body can have a variety of different heads. Let’s click on this body for example. Maybe you recognize that body? Yes. It belongs to “Fuck Doll Ashley”. Here is the best part. If you liked her body, but you liked Vanessa’s face better, you can actually put Vanessa’s face on Ashley’s body.




Customize The Appearance Of Your Doll

Click on the big button which says “Step 1: Choose Options”, next to the picture.




You will now see a large selection of heads available. If you can not decide which one you like better, you can always order an extra head with your doll. The head can easily be removed. You don’t even have to use any tools, it can be done by hand. You simply unscrew her head and switch to another one whenever you want to. Let’s select Vanessa’s head, it is number 36.




Scroll down and you will find wig options. You may want to give her long curly brown hair? Let’s select that for now.




Next comes the eye color option. That is easy enough, click on the color of the eyes you prefer. After this comes the skin color. Now this may be a bit tricky. It can be hard to imagine exactly how what your doll will look like in this skin color, since you can only see this tiny picture of this color.




Think of the woman of your dreams. Is she pale, average or tanned? If that does not help, you can look at the picture of the body you have chosen. Do you like that color? It may be difficult to tell the color of the body in the picture. If you want to, you can always ask our customer support. That can be done through the chatbox, which is the tiny box that you can see on every page on this website. It’s in the bottm right corner. Click on it.




If we are connected, we will be able to answer right away. Otherwise, you can still write your questions and we will answer you by email shortly. We are happy to answer any questions you have. Back to the selection. You will find a couple of more options. Toenail color and manicure needs no explanation. However, when it comes to vagina, you will have to make an important decision. You can choose between “Built in” vagina and “Insert (removable)”. Built in vagina is a stationary vagina which will stay put, just like on a real woman. However, the insert vagina, you can take out, as can be seen in the picture.




The reason why you can choose this option, is so that you can easier clean her vagina after intercourse. This is more practical. Lastly, you can pick whether or not you want pubic hair on your doll.

Complete The Checkout Process

When you have chosen all the options you want for your doll, simply click on “Step 2: Add To Cart”.




You will now be redirected to your cart page. Here you can see a list of the options you have chosen. Make sure you check it twice, to be sure you have made the right choices. When you are ready, click on “Proceed To Checkout”.




Fill in your details in the form. All the boxes marked with * are mandatory.




If you have any notes or special desires to your order, type this under “Order Notes”. For example, if you want your doll to be shipped to another address, you click this option and write down the address to which you want your doll to be shipped.




Scroll down and look over your order once more.




Scroll down further to choose your method of payment. If you want to pay with PayPal for example, select this option and click on “Proceed To PayPal”. You will now be asked to type in your password for your PayPal account.




If you have any questions, you can ask us in the chatbox I mentioned before. If nobody is online to help you at the moment. You can send us an email. Someone will answer your email as soon as possible. Usually within 48 hours. You can find the contact form by going to our home page. In the upper right corner, you will find our “Blog” for news and articles. “FAQ” to view some of our most asked questions, provided with answers. “About” to find information about our company. And ofcourse “Contact”, which is what we are looking for. Click on this.




Write your name (doesn’t have to be your real name) and email, it does have to be your own email though, otherwise we can not contact you. Please add a Subject to your email, it will make it easier for us. Then type your questions. Take your time, if you are wondering something about a doll, you will probably be able to come up with more than one question. Preferably write down all your questions in order and give them numbers, like shown in this picture. It will make it easier to answer all of your questions if they are structured like this. When you are done, press send.




Using The Search Feature

If you are looking for something specific, you can use our search engine. You find it in the upper right corner.




Try searching for “lingerie” and see what comes up.




If you find some clothes, extra heads or other things you want to add to your order. Whether it’s a head or an outfit, make sure it is the right size for your doll. If you are not sure, contact us. You know how. If you are in need of fast assistance, you can find our US phone number in the upper left corner of the screen. There you can also find our Facebook page, Twitter account and more. This should be all you need to know. Good luck in your search for your perfect doll. With our wide selection, I’m sure you will find her!

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