Chubby Sex Doll Amanda

5ft3in (160cm) TPE Black Sex Doll

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From 2390 $2,190

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Taste this chubby sex Doll with smooth black skin

Standing at 5ft3inch (160cm) and weighing 99Ibs (45kg), Amanda is the black chubby sex doll of your dreams. Her curly hair, large round eyes, cute chisel face, an enormous pair of H-Cup breast, and thick ass compliment her already perfect body.

Amanda’s strong thighs will hold your strongly as you pound her from behind. Her curly hair and slim waist make her even more appealing. This chubby black sex doll commands your attention everywhere she goes; you can’t assume her presence.

Amanda attributes her amazing body to her committed workout routine. “I don’t have to hit the gym. I simply workout at my house,” she starts. According to her, working out in the house is convenient as you don’t need much to start; just a mat and a few routine workout exercises. “I also maintain a healthy diet.”

This chubby sex doll promises more than just sex

Amanda maintains that taking care of her body remains important as she looks to maintain her attractive body. “Growing up, I was not the most popular kid among my peers, and I always wanted to turn heads everywhere I went. I’m that it’s happening now.”

This chubby sex doll promises more than just sex. She is looking for a man to enjoy life with and she doesn’t ask for much either; just a man who will make endless passionate love to her. “From my side, I pledge loyalty and submissiveness. I’ll be yours alone!

This amazing black sex doll can pleasure you with all three of her orifices which are specially crafted to increase the grip and enhance the sensation. She is fully articulated with a steel skeleton and movable joints as well. The skeleton helps her to maintain an upright pose while the movable joints enhance her flexibility allowing you to enjoy numerous sex positions seamlessly.

So, what are you waiting for? Get this chubby sex doll and unravel her bit by bit!

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Main Features

Dimension & Weight

  • Height: 5ft3 (160cm)
  • Weight: 99lbs (45kg)
  • Breast: H-Cup
  • Bust: 41.7in (106cm)
  • Waist: 24.8in (63cm)
  • Hips: 40.1in (95cm)

Sexual Holes

  • Vaginal Sex: 8.6in (22cm)
  • Anal Sex: 7.8in (20cm)
  • Oral depth: 7.4in (19cm)


  • Soft realistic TPE skin
  • Metallic Skeleton 100% articulated


Order and Options

Do all dolls have both heating and sound options?
Most of our dolls offer both heating and sound options. You can choose a doll with both functions or simply choose one or the other.

Which areas will heat up?
All areas will heat up with the exception of the head, neck, breasts, hands, and feet.

Can I order a doll with both heating and oral functions?
Some Brands offer both heating and moaning options, some only heating, some only moaning, you can easily check the availability of these add-on in the options form of each dolls.

Are standing options available for all dolls?
Standing options are available for all dolls that are within the 140cm to 170cm range.

Are the heads interchangeable?
Dolls’ heads without heat and sound features are interchangeable with each other. However, those that have either of these features are not. Interchanging these heads will result in the loss of sound and heating.

What’s the difference between the built-in and removable vaginas?
Both have the same feeling and appearance although built-in vaginas are more robust and should last longer. Removable vaginas, however, are easier to clean.

What are the free options?
Skin color, wigs, eye color, and nails are free options that we provide. Further options such as additional wigs, eyes, or inserts, standing and hanging options, and articulated fingers are paid extras.

What else do I get with my doll?
Select accessories are provided with each doll. These may include a sleeping bag, wig, vagina warmer, vibrating egg, comb, gloves, syringe, and underwear.

Can I buy extra items separately?
Yes, you can purchase many items such as wigs, heads, removable vaginas, eyes, and outfits at any time you wish.


How long will it take to get my doll?
It takes us about 7-15 days to produce your doll and then a further 5-7 days to ship by FedEx, TNT, or DHL.

Does the price include shipping costs?
Yes, we offer free shipping to any country in the world that allows the import of sex dolls.


What payments do you accept?
We accept payments through PayPal or by credit card. We also accept bank wire transfers.

Will my bank statement/credit card bill show that I purchased a doll ?
No. We understand that discretion is important to our customers, so there will be nothing on your bill/statement that reveals the nature of your purchase.


Do you have videos of your dolls?
Yes, all our videos are on our YouTube channel.

Daily Care


Always use the included clothing test adhesive to ensure that any clothing you purchase for your doll is suitable. Test your doll’s new clothing by placing the test adhesive on the fabric for at least one hour. If the adhesive is stained when removed, the fabric is not suitable, and you should not use the clothes.

Silicone has a slightly sticky surface so you should lightly dust your doll with talcum powder before putting on any clothing.

You can also use an electrostatic spray to limit the chances of static electricity between the clothing and your doll’s skin.

Remove your doll’s head before putting clothes on its upper body.

Take care not to bend or raise your doll’s arms beyond their limitations (similar to that of a person) as this may cause fractures in the silicone.

Make sure that none of your doll’s clothing has sharp edges that touch the skin as this may also damage the silicone.

If you are having difficulty with tight clothing such as jeans or stockings, try another light dusting of talcum powder. However, it’s advisable to avoid extremely tight clothing as the pressure on your doll’s body, and limbs can cause the silicone to become misshapen.

Always use the right size clothing. Squeezing your doll into clothes that are too small can cause permanent damage.


Silicone will produce oils, and at times these may be visible on your doll’s skin. This is perfectly natural and all you need to do is gently wipe it off with a towel.

If your doll’s skin becomes stained, you can gently clean the affected area with soapy water. Never use any corrosive cleaning agents. After drying, lightly dust your doll’s skin with talcum powder.

Generally speaking, you can use the same products on your doll as you do on yourself and your clothes. Soap, shower gel, and a mild laundry detergent are ideal.


You can place your doll into a wide variety of positions but when not in use it is best to restore her to the original factory position. If left in another position for a prolonged period, wrinkles may appear, particularly at the joints. Should this occur, put your doll in the suggested storage position to allow the wrinkles to reduce naturally.


Our factory uses silicone paint for your doll’s makeup and although it is made to last, do not wipe or rub it aggressively. Take particular care when cleaning the face, eyebrows, and eyelashes as these areas are difficult to repair when damaged.

You can use cosmetic products such as lipstick and blush on your doll but avoid those that are too thick or greasy as they will be difficult to remove.

When removing your doll’s makeup, please do so gently using a mild makeup remover.


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