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Japanese woman sex doll

5ft 2in (158cm) Mature Looking Sex Doll

From $2,490

From $2,490

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    Japanese Panties which have been worn by real Japanese amateur women.

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    • 200 $

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This realdoll also has a metal frame inside her body. This makes it possible to move all her limbs. Want her to be in the doggystyle position? Just put her that way, and she will remain stable*.

Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex: everything is possible with this Asian realdoll! She has 3d formed vaginal and anal hole. Each hole has special features inside to closely mimic real women interior. It feels as tight and smooth as with a real woman! Go back and forth as much as you want, with this love doll you have sex at home on-demand!

This Asian real doll can be customized with our many options. When you order, you just need to specify which options you prefer (Wig, Skin color, Face etc…) and we will prepare your doll exactly as you requested. We also offer a free sexy outfit with the doll.

*Please note that our dolls can't stand by themselves.

Dimension & Weight


  • Height : 5ft 2in (158cm)
  • Bust : 34.2in (87cm)
  • Waist : 24in (61cm)
  • Hips : 34in (86cm)
  • Shoulder width : 15in (38cm)
  • Arms : 26in (65cm)
  • Legs : 27.5in (70cm)
  • Feet : 7.9in (20cm)
  • Weight : 66lbs (30kg)
  • Vaginal sex
  • Anal sex
  • Oral sex (depending on the head)
  • 100% real silicone
  • Metal skeleton
  • Clothing + sexy underwear included
  • Many differents heads available
  • Changeable head
  • Changeable wig

Naked photos

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