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Asian Sex Love Doll Hitomi

From $1,690

From $1,690

  • Please note that the doll head in the images below does NOT represent the head of your new doll. These images are used to show you how the wig will look when placed on a doll. All dolls are shipped with the head displayed in the image gallery to the left.

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Discover Hitomi, a lovely Asian love doll. Her face have very graceful & cute Asian features that will delight all Asian girls enthusiasts! She also has a really nice 4ft 1in (125cm) tall, 44lbs (20kg) heavy sexy body.

Her delicate skin is made out of soft TPE, the best material to emulate real skin feeling: same texture, color, feeling. She has 2 very nicely shaped & firm boobs. You can fondle with them as much as you want! And of course she has 3 sexual holes: oral, vaginal & anal. Each of them was carefully manufactured with features inside that resemble very closely real woman anatomy. Go back and forth inside, and will not be very long before you come!

Want to have a customize your Asian love doll? When you buy your love doll, choose the options you prefer (Wig, Eye color, etc …). We will make sure to ship the doll exactly like you specify it in the order. We also offer a free sexy outfit. You can also order additional one if you need it. You will find on this page all our sexy outfits for sex dolls.

*She cannot stay in the standup position though.

Dimension & Weight

Technical Details

  • Height : 4ft 1in (125cm)
  • Weight : 44lbs (20kg)
  • Bust : 26.37in (67cm)
  • Waistline : 20.86in (53cm)
  • Hips : 28.74in (73cm)
  • Mouth : 4.7'in (12cm) deep
  • Material : Soft TPE
  • Mouth : 4.7'in (12cm) deep
  • Oral sex
  • Vaginal sex
  • Anal sex
  • Wig can be changed at any time
  • Hair color customizable
  • Eye color customizable

Please note that our dolls can't stand by themselves.

Vagina photos