TPE Realistic Sex Dolls

The Entire MSLD Collection of TPE realistic sex Dolls

My Silicone Love Doll collection of TPE realistic sex dolls covers a wide range of heights and breast cup sizes, as well as different technologies that bring us closer to the day of robot realistic sex doll with articial intelligence. More specifically, there are three categories of TPE realistic sex dolls here available:

  • * Real Sex Dolls that aim at achieving at reproducing faithfully the characteristics of the human body
  • * Classic Sex Dolls which are great quality luxury sex dolls that have been made according to processed that are now well proven and in designs that are all time favourites
  • * Finally the Heating and Moaning Sex dolls that support new advanced functions that try to mimic the experience of love making with a human being

After being the poor substitute of silicone, TPE now almost replicates silicone sex dolls feel and durability while remaining easily repairable. For more on the material, refer to our article explaining the differences between TPE and Silicone.