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Mission Statement

We wish to offer you the widest range of love dolls while ensuring your 100% satisfaction guarantee.  

24/7 Excellent Customer Service

At any time before or after your order, you will be able to contact us via email (contact [at] mysiliconelovedoll [dot] com) or by phone (+1 702 425 3322).

Once you’ve ordered, we will proactively keep you informed of the status of your order at every stage of its execution, upon:

  1. -receipt of your payment,
  2. -start of manufacturing and
  3. -shipping from the factory

Pre-Shipping Quality Control

Since we are located in Asia, we are able to keep closely in touch with our manufacturers. Before each sex doll is shipped, we personally perform a thorough quality check. If a doll has any kind of flaws, it is not shipped. Only flawless dolls are shipped.

Choose a Reliable and Dedicated Provider

All year long, we visit all love doll related fairs to find the best deals for you. We dedicate every instant of our time to your satisfaction in order to make you the valued customer of MySiliconeLoveDoll. In this industry since 2010, we recognize the value of our clients’ trust as we serve them every step of the way.

If you want to know us more or have questions about our dolls and the ordering process, please contact us by clicking on this link and we will get back to you within the next 24 hours.    

Check out our love doll blog and read the stories and feedbacks from clients who shared their experience on how our love dolls helped them fulfil their wildest desires.

We look forward to serving you!


Bill and the MySilliconeLoveDoll team

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